See what the best workout in fitness is all about.

Viral’s studio is electric. Our acoustics are concert level. From the time you walk in to the time you leave, expect to be inspired and motivated by our team, the music, the workout, and the community.

Nutrition is key

for a healthy lifestyle

Viral knows that comprehensive health and wellness includes nutrition. Most group fitness studios flatly turn you away when you ask for nutrition help or advice. Viral puts our members first and is also able and eager to provide assistance with your nutrition goals.


You have kids and a busy life. It’s hard to find cost effective and convenient childcare when you want to workout. You also feel bad about dropping your kids off in a place they may not be well looked after. We understand that. The ownership group has three kids and has struggled for years with how to juggle a busy life with kids and working out consistently. The Kids’ Club at Viral solves that problem and provides an exciting and fun experience for the youngsters. We also sanitize the space daily so that you can be confident they leave as healthy as they came in!


Each Viral Fitness experience will have an inspiring and motivating Lead Coach and three to six teams with a Team Coach for each team to provide the most support ever offered in group fitness. Viral’s workout is broken into three 15 minute segments: Cardio Training, Strength Training, and Interval Training, offering a full body functional fitness program. It is the most complete and exciting coach led workout in group fitness.

Cardio Training
Cardiovascular training is broadly recommended as one of the most important components of a healthy workout regimen. We use treadmills, bikes, and rowers to accommodate all members and any impact related sensitivities.
Strength Training
Building strength is an integral component of maintaining and improving health and fitness as we progress in age and in our fitness journey. The strength training piece of our workout helps build muscle to increase toning and physique, calorie burn, and weight loss. We want you to look good and feel good…and have a blast while you do it!
Interval Training
Our interval training bridges the gap between cardio and strength, designed to burn maximum calories and build more lean mass.

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meet our

Viral’s coaches are passionate. Our coaches are here for you. Our coaches take time to know who you are and what is important to you. Our coaches genuinely care about helping you achieve your goals. They meet you where you are at whether you are just starting to explore fitness for the first time or you are an elite athlete.

Jennifer Floyd
Head Coach

Jen is a wife, mom of three and former hater of all things fitness. However, after taking a leap and trying out group fitness for the first time, and with getting caring and knowledgeable coaching along the way, Jen found an underlying passion for fitness. Since finding her calling in helping people achieve their fitness and health & wellness goals Jen has become a trusted and inspiring coach in both fitness and nutrition.

Dan Floyd

Dan brings passion and energy to his classes that inspires each individual to be the best version of themselves and seek out improvement in each day and each class. Dan brings years of experience coaching at an elite level with Orangetheory and is looking forward to building the community at Viral Fitness Group. He is all about music, energy and an authentic relationship to each and every member.

Jen Bergman

Jen is professional marathoner who has 6 years of group fitness experience. She uses her energy and enthusiasm to inspire others to set attainable fitness goals and have a great time accomplishing them. Jen wants everyone that walks through our doors to leave feeling self-empowered and confident. Exercise should be fun and Jen believes Viral is setting a new bar for fitness.

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See what the best workout in fitness is all about.